If you want to find your stolen or misplaced asset, you have found the agency who will be able to do this for you - quickly, discreetly and at a cost you CAN afford.

Tracing assets is a vital service of which many Private Investigators boast but few are effective at.

PapTrack Systems private investigators helps clients to identify, trace, freeze and recover financial and physical assets. Our services cover many jurisdictions, including offshore locations. We aid in tracing assets such as mobile phones, laptops, motor vehicle and much more!

We have extensive experience in high-value, multi-jurisdictional asset tracing for international law firms, government organisations and multinational corporations. Where tangible assets cannot be identified, we have helped clients to identify strategic assets that may support legal efforts towards recovery.

Our consultants have managed large, multi-jurisdictional investigations with teams comprising lawyers, accountants and other experts. We ensure clients are fully aware of all key aspects of the investigation and have developed close relationships with many major international law firms. In our experience, the success of these investigations depends on thorough planning and a rigorous preliminary investigation before fieldwork begins. Consequently, our consultants work very closely with clients at this stage to ensure the maximum chance of a positive outcome.