It's an unavoidable truth: on first meeting an individual, you have no source of information about them other than what they choose to tell you. This holds true for potential business partners, tenants, life partners, company employees, and those employed in particularly sensitive positions such as housekeepers and care providers for the young and elderly. The situation is made worse by the increasing availability of technology that can be used by dishonest individuals to commit fraud, identity theft and forgery we hear about all too often. However, these increased resources also allow knowledgeable professionals to uncover the true history and current status of individuals and businesses. At PapTrack Systems Private Investigators, we offer the most comprehensive and discrete background checks possible on individuals and businesses throughout Kenya and East Africa.

With the advent of the internet, there has been an explosion of services offering 'background checks'. However, the majority of these are nothing more than unqualified individuals performing database searches. These databases are available to anyone with a bit of know-how -- for the simple reason that the majority of them do not contain secure information that is carefully maintained and regularly verified. After paying for one of these inferior services you may well receive outdated or completely falsified information.

As our name proudly states, we are fully qualified private investigators based in Kenya. With several years of experience in the business, we are not only highly skilled but also well respected by law enforcement, government agencies and other sectors that posses the most accurate information on individuals and organisations. The combination of our expertise and resources available to us allows us to perform Kenya's most detailed and up-to-date background checks. At-the-source record searches as opposed to second or third party records and databases ensure the highest quality of data. Whether the subject is a publicly traded company or an individual who has gone to great lengths to hide a checkered past, we have the means to provide you with all the personal information required to make an informed decision with respect to your subject.