Do you want to protect your home or business premises against theft, vandalism, burglary and break-ins? Perhaps you need to know what your staff are up to when you're not there? Installing CCTV or hidden cameras can give you peace of mind and act as a deterrent against criminal activity.

PapTrack Private Investigators has an experienced team of CCTV engineers with the capability to supply and install the latest camera technology for residential properties, businesses and organisations.

The biggest issue for a criminal is not being caught, so the presence of an overt CCTV system at your home or business premises acts as a fantastic deterrent against crime. Often criminals will avoid the property altogether and look for an easier target. Otherwise, they will need to disguise their identity which causes suspicious behaviour that's easy to detect via remote monitoring.

PapTrack Private Investigators offers a wide range of overt CCTV systems. Our systems can be monitored remotely at an alarm-monitoring centre or via your mobile phone and computer, or we can install a digital camera recorder allowing you to capture evidence that's acceptable for police and insurance uses.

The use of covert CCTV or hidden cameras offers you the opportunity to gather irrefutable evidence against criminal activity at your premises.

They're also useful if you suspect your staff of taking money from the till, stealing stock, trying to take business to one of your competitors, or simply not carrying out their jobs properly.

It's essential that covert equipment is installed discretely so its presence remains undetected. Our engineers are able to carry out the installation at any time of the night or day, or at short notice to meet your requirements.

Modern camera technology is capable of much more than simply recording images. Covert microphones can be linked in to record sound, and even the most modest systems have a linked motion detector which can act as an alarm system.

Remote access monitoring via your mobile phone or computer is a really useful feature, allowing owners to check on their property at any time of the night or day, and the use of megapixel cameras gives you the capability to zoom in to a specific area.

PapTrack Private Investigators can provide a wide variety of CCTV and hidden camera technology, from the budget-conscious to highly sophisticated bespoke systems designed for utmost reliability and quality.

Our engineers make full use of the versatility of the latest hi-tech equipment to maximise site security and provide you with credible evidence when required.