If you want to find someone who owes you money and has been avoiding you or has moved from the address you have for them, you have found the agency who will be able to do this for you - quickly, discreetly and at a cost you CAN afford.

Tracing people who owe money is a vital service of which many Private Investigators boast but few are effective at.

Our advanced debtor trace will provide you with the current address for the individual you are seeking, anywhere in Kenya. We can start the debtor trace with as little information as a full name and last known address but sometimes may require a little more.

In addition to the CURRENT address details, we will also include other information concerning the individual such as employment*, property ownership, marriages and more - FREE of charge. Contact us for a free and highly competitive quote for your debtor trace.

We understand that in many cases timing is crucial. ALL debtor traces are completed within the shortes time of instruction to proceed and on many occasions, even sooner but without compromise on service or accuracy of information.

Once we have found the person who owes you money, we will, if required, work closely with your legal representatives and should Service of Process be required, we will carry this out at a preferential rate.

You will find that our trace fees are probably the most competitive in Kenya and our levels of service are second to none. Each case is handled proficiently and efficiently by one of our highly trained, and experienced in-house tracing team who will keep you regularly informed of progress.

For our debtor trace enquiries we use the very latest information systems and other discreet resources, which are NOT simply based on The Voters Roll. Because of this, we have a reputation for excellence, accuracy and subsequently, a higher than average success rate, which is currently at 98% (latest update - 12 January 2017).

We always conduct our investigations on a no success, no fee basis which means that we only get paid when we have traced the individual. All enquiries are dealt with in a highly confidential manner.

If in the unlikely event that we are unable to positively locate the individual being traced, we will return a no trace report and in many instances, we will provide you with details directly relating to the extensive investigation carried out which will assist you with any further trace attempts or help you decide which course of action to take next.

If you have an unpaid debt and the individual is avoiding your calls, texts, emails etc, or has even moved from the address they gave you, contact us immediately and we will provide you with a low cost and effective solution, enabling you to recover the money that you are owed.